Providing Custom Airbrushed Artwork & Signage Solutions

New Zealand award winning airbrushing artist Dean of Lovich Design offers our business and individual clients a complete range of custom airbrushing and signwriting services. With competitive rates for made-to-order unique airbrush artwork solutions and the creation of distinctive signage solutions, we provide you with quality assurance one-of-a-kind services that include:

  • Airbrushing nz motorsport and transport vehicles
  • Custom airbrushing of truck curtains, classic, custom and hot road cars
  • Marine airbrush art and signage for thundercat boats 
  • Custom airbrush paint for helmets, motorcycles and motorcycle tanks 
  • Custom Signwriting for businesses & sports clubs

As one of our clients airbrush art and signage solutions are customised to suit your specific needs, and with over 20 years of proven expertise we offer you authentic visual displays to fit your project and budget goals – Most importantly ensuring you are noticed.

Airbrushing artist Dean makes remarkable statements through his custom airbrushing and signwriting services. Having been in the business of creating one-of-a-kind airbrush art pieces and signage for years, you can trust Dean’s talent to capture the essence of your business or your true individual style. Custom airbrush paint is ideal for enhancing your business to stand out, or to be noticed in your profession on the track or in the water. 

An expert in the forgotten art of hand-lettering - you’ll be impressed with Dean’s ability to draw freehand and the steadiness of his hands. With a passion for sculpting too - this skill can be applied to help create custom building signage on a larger than life scale, no sweat! 

From the Auckland based airbrush art and signwriting experts Lovich Design you can expect quality service – every time. We are mobile, flexible and your smart choice to stand out. 

For great advice on custom airbrushing and signage solutions contact Dean directly today